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Strategy, growth, tokenization


Strategic advisory, hands-on execution


Product & token launch, successful growth

Background & Objective

Pocket Network is a leader in DePIN and decentralized RPC infrastructure. Early in their project, Pocket needed direction on how to tokenize and bring their project to market. As the project evolved, Pocket needed sales and operational leadership.

What we've done

Pocket Network had a game-changing vision but lacked a firm path to raise funding and achieve its lofty goals. 

  • Pocket needed to develop a token go-to-market strategy and a complementary legal strategy for their token, DAO, and Foundation.
  • Pocket needed to understand the implications of their variable economic system and create reliable and predictable methods to control inflation. 
  • Product vision didn't meet consumer's expectations of user experience. 
  • Founder-led sales were delivering inconsistent results. 
  • Cross-team communication and goal alignment were inconsistent and ineffective.


  • Created and executed a token launch and distribution strategy.
  • Brought in top-tier legal counsel, and created a legal framework that minimized regulatory risk.
  • Within DAO mechanisms, created viable methods for controlling inflation are still in use to this day.
  • Created a repeatable sales process and hired a sales team that took daily relays from 5M to 1B+.


Through an in-depth engagement with Pocket Network, we unlocked large amounts of value for token and equity holders.

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