Stateless: Execution & growth




High-level strategy, sales, and fundraising




Alignment between vision and goals, steady execution

Background & Objective

Stateless is a decentralized compute marketplace secured by a proprietary data verification layer that enables anyone to publish and monetize data standards. This is secured by Stateless' verification system which enables parties to transact data without risk.

The strong team needed to maximize runway and chances of success in a bear market with stiff competition by quickly validating their product to set themselves up for a successful fundraise. Further, it was critical to expand the scope of the venture to create a compelling pitch to investors in a market with stiff competition.


Faced with market headwinds, Stateless needed to do more with less and sell a story that was investable in a seed round.

  • A differentiated pitch was required to raise future rounds of funding and stand out to sales prospects.
  • A strong need for operational efficiency and an effective cadence to maximize the opportunity for growth.
  • Alignment is needed between long-term vision and the realities of day-to-day sales. 
  • Staying laser-focused on metrics that move the needle. 


Worked with founders to create a large vision and drive alignment between product vision and market positioning. Created a sales process, and worked with the founders to launch project beta.


Fast and steady wins the race. Stateless was executing at a high level, but we were able to help the team avoid traps and keep the momentum up.

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